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In no time at all the 2016 Mane Event is going to be here!  Make plans to attend a show second to none  April 21-24.  The show has expanded to a 4 day format chaulk full of learning experiences, clinics/presentations/seminars, shopping, and of course most importantly the Trainers Challenge!!

The horses that we have selected (each off of different sires) to be in the Trainers Challenge this year are: 1) Palomino Mare 2) Sorrel Mare 3) Blue Roan Mare 4) Buckskin Mare.  This should prove to be very exciting watching these girls perform!

Shelbie, Lori, and I hope that everyone enjoys the trainer's challenge!  It has been an absolutely unforgettable experience for us, what a great group of people to meet, and get to work with.  We are proud to have supplied the horses to the 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 Trainers Challenge. It was an honour to get to know and work with the trainers!  Congratulations to Patrick King, the winner of the 2015 Trainers Challenge on AOC Madera Chex, superb performances were put on by the runners up TJ Clibborn, and Kateri Cowley.  The 2014 winner of the Trainers Challenge was Kent Williamson.  The 2013 winner was Heath Marshall of Colorado, with good performances put on by Wylene Wilson Davis and Sean Patrick. In 2012 all horses supplied were sired by Im Chexs Image. The competition winner was Martin Black, with Kerry Kuhn and Mike Kevil doing a incredible job in the arena!  

Our broodmare base consists of 30 producing mares.  With each foal crop we strive to improve the caliber & quality of colts that we produce.  Looking for a colored Quarter Horse?  Be sure check out the sale pen!!  The stallions that we use are very strong individuals: Blueboy Fritz N Bitz (1 of 4 direct sons of Blueboy Quincy we have owned), Bueno Chex bred stallion Im Chexs Image and a Fire Water Flit grandson Magical FireWater.  All stallions have photos and pedigrees listed on the stallion page

Having had cattle for years is not only an asset, but key to the maintenance of our broodmare band.  Ace of Clubs Quarter Horses is an equine business with a discerning focus on quality; breeding, raising, and selling horses who are able to excel on the ranch or succeed in the performance arena.  Versatility of disciplines that a horse can achieve is an essential selection criteria in our breeding program.  The stallions within our battery are selected to compliment each mare's conformation, pedigree, disposition, and production record.  These critical elements will ensure that our future offspring will be compatible & successful partners with their new owners.

To understand the management strategy of our operation and the focus that we maintain, you have to realize that our breeding program revolves around these key strengths:

  • Fertility - Directly correlated to good nutrition, but also to the individual animal selection.  Fertility is a must!  Who has the time or money that a problem mare costs to manage?
  •  Maternal - With cattle our focus was on maternal strength, and is no different with our horses.  An excellent mother is not only a fertile mare, but one who can milk, and raise a foal by positively nurturing it.  A good producing mare should always put what she has into raising the best foal possible.
  • Genetics - Blending different bloodlines is certainly going to produce a variety of results.  Each person has his or her own opinion of what the perfect bloodline is, and I certainly respect this as a breeder.  Particular bloodlines have proven that they can excel incredibly well in chosen venues.  It is simply finding the right cross that works for you, and within your program.  This is something given our numbers, and the maternal strength that we possess that we can experiment with.
  • Affordability - Our horses have got to be affordable, no matter their age or sex.  Each dollar that a person spends is hard earned and we have great respect for this, and every buyer wants the best bang for their buck.

My family welcomes your inquiries and comments about the stock or our website.

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