Mr San Peppy

  • 1968
  • AQHA
  • (0548845)
  • sorrel
  • Stallion
Mr San Peppy

Stallion Show Record for Mr San Peppy
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Stallion Offspring Record for Mr San Peppy
World Champion Offspring
Reserve World Champion Offspring
Top Ten World Show Offspring
Superior Performance Offspring
AQHA High Point Performance Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring
NRHA Money-earners
NCHA Money-earners
NRCHA Money-earners
Halter Point Earners

Outstanding Offspring for Mr San Peppy
Beats Workin', $40,623.07-NCHA; 30 Perf. Pts., '78 3rd World Show Jr CUT
Bonnie San Peppy, $10,348.02-NCHA; 6 Perf. Pts.
Buster Welch, $19,941.54-NCHA, '83 Superior CUT
Catnip, $14,445.27-NCHA; 9 Perf. Pts.
Chiquto Peppy, $62,588.51 LTE-CUT; 13.5 Perf. Pts.
Dockles San Peppy, $24,572.64-NCHA; 4 Perf. Pts.
Docs Grand San, $9,442.04-NCHA; 3 Perf. Pts.
Docs San Bur, $7,301.36-NCHA; 8 Perf. Pts.
Docs Summer Wages, $10,418.33-NCHA; 7 Perf. Pts.
Doctor San Peppy, 1 HLT & 294 Perf. Pts., '99 Superior TRO HD & TRO HL
El Jefe Peppy, $5,635.36-NCHA; 10 Perf. PTs.
HB Tivio Peppy, $6,770.30-NCHA
Jose Peppy, $29,126.76-NCHA; 17 Perf. Pts.
Little Badger Tivio, $14,997.49-NCHA; '01 AQHA World Champion Y CUT
Little Missin Badger, $12,361.14-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
Little Peppy Gem, $15,632.74-NCHA; 13 Perf. Pts.
Marias Peppy, $10,414.12-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Marie Olena, $36,075 LTE-CUT; 2 Perf. Pts.
Miss Peppy Also, $194,523.38 LTE-CUT
Miss San Jez, $5,498.90-NCHA; 6 Perf. Pts.
Miss San Lena, $8,990.38-NCHA; 6.5 Perf. Pts.
Mr King Peppy, $17,772.94-NCHA; 16 Perf. Pts.
Mr Peppy Gin, $28,522.84-NCHA
Mr San Clegg, $8,455.10-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Mr San Dancer, $92,878 LTE-CUT; 26 Perf. Pts., '87 5th NCHA World Champ.
Mr San Dial, $5,263.67-NCHA; 3 Perf. PTs.
Mr San Guard, $20,365.84-NCHA
Mr San Mio, $69,040 LTE-CUT; 9 Perf. Pts.
Oh So Peppy, $11,823.72-NCHA; 2 Perf. Pts.
Organ Grinder, $54,303.98-NCHA; 262 Perf. Pts., '83 Superior CUT
Panda De Peppy, $9,800.32-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts
Pepitivio, $13,613.76-NCHA; 8 Perf. Pts.
Peppy Cinco, $5,451.57-NCHA
Peppy Heartbar, $11,284.80-NCHA; 4 Perf. Pts.
Peppy Rancho, 204 Perf. Pts., '84 Superior TRO HL; '85 Superior TRO HD; '84 World Champ. Jr HL
Peppy San Badger, $172,710.52 LTE-CUT; 41 Perf. Pts.; NCHA Hall of Fame, World Champ. NCHA CUT 3 times; Res. World Champ.; Get $ earners $13,000,000
Peppy Sue Babe, $8,424.84-NCHA
Peppy Un Cola, $12,751.02-NCHA; 3 Perf. Pts.
Peppy Vanilla, $15,970.09-NCHA; 7 Perf. Pts.
Peppys Answer, $5,488.05-NCHA
Peppys Del Rancho, $9,649.46-NCHA; 27 Perf. Pts.
Peppys Doctor, $23,350.39-NCHA; 24 Perf. Pts.
Peppys Gem, $76,181.63 LTE-CUT; 5 Perf. Pts.
Peppys Lenita, $18,047.36-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
Peppys Pirate, $6,884.39-NCHA
Peppys Shadow, $7,454.57-NCHA; 20 Perf. Pts.
Peppys Toast, $74,103 LTE-CUT
Pickadilly Peppy, $5,766.83-NCHA; .5 Perf. Pts.
Rey Del Peppy, $18,807.59-NCHA; 9 Perf. Pts.
San C Peppy, 148.5 Perf. Pts., '99 Amt 7th World Show HL
San Peppy Bar, $14,541.07-NCHA; 9 Perf. Pts.
San Peppy Bueno, $15,301.91-NCHA; 4 Perf. Pts.
San Peppy Chato, 296.5 Perf. Pts, '81 Superior CR
San Peppy Cloud, $5,446.71-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
San Peppy Gray, $11,585.53-NCHA; 13.5 Perf. Pts.
San Peppy Sam, $97,916 LTE-CUT; 17 Perf. Pts.
San Peppy Sandy, $6,200.45-NCHA; 5 Perf. Pts.
San Perdiz, $8,213.97-NCHA; 17 Perf. Pts.
San Safe, $9,967.24-NCHA; 19 Perf. Pts.
Sanetta Doc, $36,521.15 LTE-CUT; .5 Perf. Pts.
Soltera Peppy, $22,132.47-NCHA
Son Peppy, $11,703.62-NCHA
Sue San Lynx, $36,344 LTE-CUT; 6.5 Perf. Pts.
Sugars San Peppy, $109,024 LTE-CUT; 2 Perf. Pts.
Tacho San, 32,406.30-NCHA; 14 Perf. Pts.
Tejons Olena Peppy, LTE WCH-$5,496.88
Tenino Peppy, $7,820.40-NCHA; 1 Perf. Pts.
Tenino San, $144,657 CUT; 33 Perf Pts.;, NCHA Hall of Fame; '82 1st NCHA World Champ.
Tia San, $37,356 LTE-CUT; 12 Perf. Pts.
Tio Doc, $33,207 LTE-Cut; 9 Perf. Pts.
Toms San Peppy, $13,253.69-NCHA; 9.5 Perf. Pts.
Tot Ogin, $74,905 LTE-CUT

Leo San
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Docs Summer Wages  (1975)

1975   Colt  AQHA 1149435
Foaled By: Docs Able Mable

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Quilted Blanket

1993 black  Filly  AQHA 3210367
Foaled By: Silky Quilt

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Peppy a Poco

1978 bay  Colt  AQHA 1399111
Foaled By: Poco Dag

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Mr King Peppy

1980 sorrel  Colt  AQHA 1580168
Foaled By: Rosewood Doll

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Peppys Humo

1978 sorrel  Colt  AQHA 1366091
Foaled By: Cigarrera

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Peppy San Badger

1974 sorrel  Colt  AQHA 1089924
Foaled By: Sugar Badger